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Transporting is our profession. We regard ourselves as the extension and calling card of our customer. All your efforts to make your product as good as possible disappear like snow in the sun if the shipment is incomplete, damaged or delivered late by a driver who does not behave in a customer-friendly manner. Our trucks are equipped with Euro5 engines and equipped with an on-board computer with a tracking system so that we can always see where your shipment is! You can transport all your shipments through us. We collect this in its entirety on a daily basis, after which the shipments are sorted by type (from parcel to pallet) and zip code to then be loaded into the distribution cars and then delivered to your customers.

24 hour service
We offer a 24-hour service throughout the Netherlands. We have extensive experience with the transport of all kinds of packages, pallets, roll containers, but also special general cargo loads are expertly transported by us. We transport your shipments as much as possible with our own equipment. For the other shipments, both for packages and for pallets, we use partners with whom we have been working for years. This way of working has the advantage that we can guarantee that all shipments are delivered within 24 hours.

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